Formal Assessment & Homework Grading Methods/Requirements

Formal Assessment & Homework Grading Methods/Requirements

  • Students are graded according to total points earned in a 9 week period. To calculate grade, simply add up the number of points earned and divide that by number of points available.
  • Each assessment is weighted based on a set value to be determined by the teacher.  Below you will find a general list of assessments and their value (subject to change and/or additions):
    • Type 1 writing = 1 pt.
    • Type 2 writing = 10 pts.
    • Biweekly vocabulary exams = 50 pts.
    • Literature quizzes = 10-35 pts., depending on length of story, etc.
    • In class essays = 25-50 pts., depending on nature of assignment
    • Unit vocabulary exams (review of 5 chapters) = 100 pts.
    • Grammar/Literature unit exams = 100 pts.
  • All students are encouraged to keep track of their grades via the "Grade Tracking Sheet" (provided by me).  You will be able to find this toward the back of their binder. Double check this log against their online grades; should there be a discrepancy between the two, please check with me so that it can be rectified if necessary.
  • All students earn two points a day for preparedness and participation.
    • Students are required to come to class with books, binder, and something with which to write.
    • They are required to follow any instructions that are on the board for that day.
    • They are required to remain on task the entire period.
    • They are not permitted to chew gum.
    • Any violation of the above expectations will result in the loss of one of the two daily points.
    • Students are expected to participate at least once during class. Failure to do so will result in the loss of one of the two daily points.
  • So that I may check for understanding of missed concepts, when absent, students may make up their daily points by completing a small assignment based on that day's lesson. Students may also make up these points by simply turning in any work that was due on the day of the absence. Except in the case of a lengthy absence, any work assigned upon the student's return to school is due within three days of a student's return to school. Students should also check the "Daily Agenda" page of this website. This is also a good place for parents to go, as well, as it details what concepts were presented, what homework was assigned, upcomping assessments and due dates, etc.