Our (new) Focus

Posted by James Walsh on 10/12/2020

Throughout the year of COVID-19, our primary goal is: to deliver a quality educational experience to all families, in-school and at home, in a way that minimizes exposure and disruption to the extent possible.  The key components of our reopening plan included: (1) safe schools for students and staff, (2) choice for families, (3) high-quality education (in-school or remote) and (4) emphasis on social-emotional well-being.  We continue to work collaboratively on all of those components with PDE, the IU, the county and the PA Department of Health.  And we continue to understand the changing circumstances and facts related to this pandemic.  At the same time, we also fully recognize the importance of offering more in-person learning in order to meet the academic as well as social/emotional needs of our students.  I remain impressed by and grateful for the efforts of our students, families, faculty, staff and the administrators to bring us successfully to this turning point.  We continue to count on the commitment from all of us, families, staff and students, to adhere to the guidelines and requirements to maintain the health and safety of all persons in our care.