Checking in...

Posted by James Walsh on 4/6/2020 7:20:00 AM

It’s hard to believe, but we are at the end of three weeks of this mandatory school closure, and by all measures, everyone is doing a superb job under difficult circumstances.  From a very grateful school, we give you our thanks.  Thank you for remaining flexible and supportive of the plans and expectations we established.  We are striving to provide meaningful school work in an equitable and supportive way. Thank you for being patient and supportive of your child(ren) as they adjust to a whole new normal form of school.  While kids are typically very resilient, this pandemic has forced a whole different kind of normalcy.  Above all, children will need our patience, loving support and gentle guidance to help them adjust and settle.  We hope that is your priority.  School work can be second.    

Do not be overwhelmed or stressed about your child(ren) falling behind or regressing with school.  Everyone is in the same situation, not just Burgettstown, not just Pennsylvania; everybody’s children are trying to learn in a very challenging situation.  You can trust that we as a district will take as much time as needed to reacquaint with your child(ren) to see where they are – and we will start the teaching from there.  We will expect to do a lot of catching up, but that’s our life’s calling.  We are ready, willing and able to make this work now and when it is all over.

In the end, we hope to look back on this time with immense pride.  We expect to be proud of the children for doing their best without the comforts of a classroom full of friends and a nurturing teacher.  We expect to be proud of our parents for the buckets of patience, love and support poured out on our children.  We expect to be proud of the innovation, determination and connectivity of our staff.  We know this because we already are proud of them and you!

Keep up the great work!