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Parent Emergency Procedures

In order for our emergency response plans to be effective, we must depend on the cooperation and assistance of many people, such as local police and fire departments.  We also depend on parents of our students to support our efforts.  Parent cooperation is vital in helping us protect the safety and welfare of all children and school employees.



1.       Listen for a call from the “One Call” phone alert system.  We will send a call to notify parents of a school emergency.

2.       Check email.  Details will be sent via email as well as the phone system.  Phone calls and e-mail messages will be sent to those users who have provided (and updated, if necessary) their contact information to the school(s).

3.       Talk to your children.  Emphasize how important it is for them to follow the instructions of their teachers and school officials during an emergency.



1.       Do not come to the school or evacuation location until you are instructed to do so.  It may be necessary to keep the streets and parking lots clear for emergency vehicles.  Students will not be dismissed early without warning you.

2.       Do not telephone the school.  We understand and respect your concern, but it is essential the telephone system is available for emergency communications.