•      Through partnerships with local businesses, educational organizations, and neighboring school districts, we have expanded our base of knowledge, resources, and allies in learning. We made great strides in the 2016-2017 school year towards transforming our learning spaces and instructional practices. We continue to engage our students and teachers in hands-on, minds-on learning opportunities that promote creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. To follow our efforts in S.T.E.A.M. integration, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) follow this blog!



  • STEAM Up the Classroom Podcast

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 10/15/2017

    I recently had the opportunity to share our journey in STEAM integration on the STEAM Up the Classroom Podcast.


    Click here to listen to Episode 3: Makerspaces and Maker Ed featuring Mandi Figlioli. 

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  • A.T.T.A. Girl!

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 10/10/2017

    We are excited to extend a unique opportunity to the ladies in 4th grade!


    The first meeting is on Thursday, Oct. 19! Stay tuned!

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  • Welcome Calvin Stemley, Jazz Artist in Residency!

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 10/10/2017

    Through generous funding from the Benedum Foundation, we are fortunate to host an artist in residency during the 2017-2018 school year. Calvin Stemley, a former educator and lifetime jazz musician, will co-teach with Mr. Cugini every Tuesday.

    Mr. Stemley


    Watch a Classroom Jam Session!

    Click here to read the article, "Creativity & the Brain: What We Can Learn From Jazz Musicians."

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  • CONTEXT 2017

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 10/5/2017

    Conference Flyer

    I had the fortunate opportunity to attend Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab CONTEXT 2017 Conference in Pittsburgh on October 3 & 4. It is always inspiring to be in the presence of other innovate educators! I attended several hands-on sessions and participated in dialogue about socially-driven and creative applications of data and technology in teaching and learning. The closing keynote was quite impressionable and validating. It was given by Mitch Resnick, a LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research and Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab.

    Book Cover
    His message was profound, but also quite simple. He proposed that we the harness the creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm flourishing in Kindergarten, and replicate it across all educational settings. He advocated for Lifelong Kindergarten and the 4 P’s of creative learning.

    4 P's

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  • Toothbrush Take-Apart

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 9/28/2017

    Mr. Kovscek's Physics class completed a "Toothbrush Take-Apart" lab in class this week. They were asked to examine an electric toothbrush and predict what it looked like inside and also how it moved. 



    Take-Apart activities are a great way to make use of old toys and get children curious about how things work. Click here to learn how to facilitate these types of activities at home. 

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  • Warhol-style Pop Art

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 9/26/2017

    Check out Mr. Roth's student's Warhol-style Pop Art! No shortage on talent & creativity here!

     Warhol Pop Art

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  • Poetry Competition: Chemistry Rocks!

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 9/25/2017

    The Pittsburgh Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is sponsoring an illustrated poem contest. Students in Kindergarten - 12th grade are invited to submit a poem using the theme, "Chemistry Rocks" by Wednesday, Nov. 1. 

    Contest Details

    Click here for contest details and rules. 

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  • "Sea" what our students can achieve!

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 9/5/2017

    Dylan P.

    Congratulations to Dylan Poirier! He was accepted into the AIU Marine Biology Apprentice Program. 

    Click here to learn about all of the apprenticeship programs offered by AIU. 

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  • We're "making" it happen in 2017-2018!

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 9/1/2017



    Overview of STEAM Initiatives

    Look for our update on innovation in the District's Fall Newsletter!

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  • The Amazing Race... Burgettstown Style!

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli at 8/24/2017

    Our back to school inservice for staff kicked off with an Amazing Race... Burgettstown Style! Our Director of Staff Development, Mrs. Jacque Goodburn, customized it to include puzzles, riddles and brain teasers. 




    The teachers collaborated and persevered to complete the race. It was a joy to see them in action! They're bringing lots of energy and passion to the 17-18 school year!

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