•      Through partnerships with local businesses, educational organizations, and neighboring school districts, we have expanded our base of knowledge, resources, and allies in learning. We made great strides in the 2016-2017 school year towards transforming our learning spaces and instructional practices. We continue to engage our students and teachers in hands-on, minds-on learning opportunities that promote creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. To follow our efforts in S.T.E.A.M. integration, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) follow this blog!



  • 7th Grade Science Simulation

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 12/7/2017

    Mrs. Ward's 7th grade Science class was faced with a challenging simulation. Prior to beginning a unit on the Periodic Table of Elements, they were given a deck of cards in several colors, and with various attributes. As Dmitri Mendeleev did in the 1860's, they had to determine a sensible way of sorting and organizing "the deck."


    It was certainly not an easy task, but the students worked together and got the job done!



    Getting Close

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  • SAS Institute 2017: Innovative Students... Innovative Educators

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 12/5/2017

    On December 4 & 5, I attended PDE's SAS Institute in Hershey, PA. The keynote for the conference was George Couros, author of the The Innovator's Mindset. I read his book over the summer, and am also utilizing it with a cohort of teachers for their supervision option. 

    Selfie with George Couros

    His words were not only validating of the progress we've made, but also empowering to keep pushing our student-first agenda. 

    Slide from Couros Keynote  

    Over two days, I attended a variety of workshops hosted by educators across the Commonwealth. I enagaged in STEAM tasks connected to children's literature, tinkered with Ozobots & Raspberry Pi's, and gained ideas for enhancing our educational partnerships. It is opportunities for collaborating and learning such as the SAS Institute that allow me to grow professionally and fuel my passion for bringing innovation to the Burgettstown Area School District. 

    Slide from Couros Keynote


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  • Hour of Code

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 12/4/2017

    BAEC students participated in the "Hour of Code" for the 3rd consecutive year in Ms. Knouse's Informational Technology class. The Hour of Code, which occurs every December, is a one-hour introduction to computer science that aims to "demystify" code, show that anyone can learn the basics, and also broaden participation in the field. Families can access free materials to explore at home by visiting code.org.

    Hour of Code

    Click here to read an article that explains why learning to code is as essential as learning to write for 21st Century Learners. 

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  • Inventionland's Teacher of the Month: Ms. Laura Wells

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 12/1/2017

    Congratulations to Ms. Wells, who is featured as Inventionland Institute's Teacher of the Month. We appreciate the knowledge, experience and passion that she brings to our STEAM initiatives. 

    Laser Cutting

    Click here to read the full article about Ms. Wells. 

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  • Honor's Physics Blasts Off!

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 11/29/2017

    Mr. Kovscek's Honors Physics class tested their rocket prototypes this week. Some went sky high on the first attempt, others needed some adjustments and a re-launch. I was impressived with the innovation and perseverance that was displayed. The sky is the limit for these kids!

    How does it launch?

    Girls in STEM

    Preparing for Launch

    Measuring Distance

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  • ATTA Girl! November Meeting

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 11/17/2017

    During November's meeting, the ATTA Girls explored Tinkercad, an easy to use tool that allows students to create in 3D. Students "tinkered" with the site to learn the basics, and then began to design their ideas for inventions. 

    Team Work

    High Five  


    Click here to to create your free TinkerCad Account!

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  • Observing Innovation at South Fayette School District

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 11/16/2017

    On November 16, Dr. Walsh and I visited South Fayette School District (SFSD) with a team of teachers to observe their STEAM programming in action. We toured their primary, intermediate, middle school and high school STEAM classrooms. We were able to interact with their students, teachers and administrators to learn more about how their curriculum builds in complexity from grades K-12. 

     Intermediate STEAM Menu

    We saw students engaged in video production, circuitry, coding, robotics and digital fabrication. We aspire to continue to expand the 21st century learning experiences that we offer our students. We appreciate SFSD supporting us in our STEAM journey!

    Makey Makey Piano

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  • BAEC Goes Marching In!

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 11/8/2017

    Our jazz Artist in Residency, Calvin Stemley, provided a mini-lesson on jazz instruments, as well as a concert for our BAEC students. Mr. Cugini & Ms. Adomschick also shared their talents with us. 


    The students LOVED the concert! A few members of our drum line joined in for an impromptu parade to When the Saints Go Marching In. 

    Drum Line


    Impromptu Parade

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  • State Report Remix

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 11/1/2017

    Mrs. Spitak and Mrs. Karas turned the traditional 5th grade state report into a real-world project. Students were able to select a state and plan a trip there. They researched places to see and things to do. They had to calculate mileage, gas costs and their budget. 

    Plan a State Trip

    They shared their itineraries through digital presentations that included pictures and videos. What an amazing inegration of social studies, mathematics, literacy and technology! 

    Car Rental

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  • Exploring Manufacturing with Advantech U.S., Inc.

    Posted by Mandi Figlioli on 10/30/2017

    This will be our 2nd year competing in Catalyst Connection's Manufacturing Video Challenge. Our 8th graders are tasked with creating a video with our manufatcuring partner, Advantech U.S., Inc. They are a Pittsburgh-based company that developed a game-changing printing technology for manufacturing microelectronic devices. Our team, lead by Mr. Grove and Ms. Miller, visited their headquarters to begin collecting video footage. Last year we won the People's Choice Award. We hope to bring home another trophy this year! 

    Factory Tour

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