• The PLD (Peace, Love & Diversity) Club at the Middle/High School will focus on encouraging acceptance and tolerance within the diverse population of our school, helping to create a safe environment for all, and educating the school community on the needs of our diverse population of students. If you have any questions about this new club, please stop and see me in the Guidance Office or send me an email.  Interested in joining the PLD Club?  Please turn in the application.


    Characteristics of Club Members:

    • Acceptance and tolerance of all members

    • Recognition that we are all different but equal

    • Mutual respect for all

    • Peacefully seeking ways to influence positive change and advocating for ourselves and others

    • An understanding that all students should feel safe in school

    • Supporting any student who may feel underrepresented


    What this Club is not about:

    • Disruptive demonstrations or demands for change

    • Any single population of students defined by one characteristic -- we are here for any/all who feel underrepresented



    Holly Riley

    Guidance Counselor, Grades 11 & 12

    PLD (Peace, Love & Diversity) Club Advisor