The Burgettstown Area School District Board of Education is comprised of nine elected members of the community, based upon regions.  The three regions that are represented by the Board are as follows:
    Region 1 - Hanover, Jefferson
    Region 2 - Burgettstown Borough, Smith Twp. (Joffre, Bulger, Cherry Valley)
    Region 3 - Smith Twp. (Francis Mine, Harmon Creek, Langeloth, Slovan, Atlasburg)
    A list of board members and meeting dates can be located by clicking on the tabs to the left.  
    School Board Agendas*, Minutes* and Policies are paperless through a system called BoardDocs, which can be accessed using the this link:  Access to BoardDocs 
    * Agendas are available three (3) days prior to the meeting.  Minutes are available after approval by the Board.

    Based on the revised limits imposed by the Governor's office, school board business meetings will be held virtually.  Here is a link to the January 11 meeting at 6:30 pm. Visitors are asked to mute their microphones during the meeting.  The president of the board will ask for comments during the allotted public comment period, at which point anyone wishing to speak can use the "raise your hand" feature to be recognized by the Board Secretary.  Once you are recognized, you can unmute your mic.  If you need internet access, there is free WiFi in several locations around the community including the parking lot of the Middle / High School and the Burgettstown Community Library.  Anyone who needs to borrow a device / laptop to view the meeting should contact the district.

    Rules for Addressing the Board:  All meetings of the Board of School Directors shall be open to the general public with the exception of Executive meetings, which are exempt by law.  Residents are not only encouraged to attend, but to also participate during the Public Comment section of the agenda and may be limited to (2) minutes per person/five (5) minutes per group.  Comments presented at meetings should address items listed on the evening's agenda.  Individuals wishing to address the Board regarding a specific topic not on the agenda must submit a written request to this effect, which outlines the concern(s) to be addressed, no later than the Wednesday prior to the Monday night business meeting.  The Board will not respond to questions during this session, but will only hear comments. Topics may include school operations or school programs.  However, comments regarding personnel or students will not be discussed at public sessions.

    If you unable to locate the information you are seeking,

    you may obtain further information by submitting a Right-To-Know request.   

Last Modified on January 5, 2021