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    Burgettstown M/HS is in the process of creating a Vocational Agriculture Program that will allow students in grades 9-12 to participate in courses designed for Agricultural and Small Business careers.  The entire program sequence takes 1,320 hours of class and lab time spread over 4 years.  In the end, students would earn a a General Agriculture Career & Technical Certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Students could also opt for just one or two of the courses as electives without earnign the CTE certificate.

    Mary Burns, M.Ed., a certified Vo-Ag Teacher, is working to develop a program to introduce students to the world of Agriculture and Small Business. Mrs. Burns has 10 years experience as a JH/MS/HS Science Teacher, most recently as a long-term sub for Biology.   She has owned Alpaca Farm Store in Burgettstown for nine years and 15 years experience running her own farm.

    We are excited to be taking this journey toward our own Vocational Agriculture program.  

    It is important to note the district does not intend to pull-back any of the students attending vo-ag programs in other districts.  We intend our program to serve students currently attending Burgettstown schools and keep them in their home community school.