• All participants must wear a costume during the fair.  No costumes can be worn on buses.  Change at school.  No weapons or  likeness to weapons can be worn.

    Costumes are returned period 11 on the fair day OR by the day's end Friday, April 27th, which is an Act 80 day.  If a costume is not returned, you will be charged for it.

    Though teachers will receive a participant list, students are encouraged to inform their teachers that they will not be present.

    Fair scheduling through your school email at Sched.com has a deadline of 8:00 on April 18th.  After this, all participants' schedules cannot be changed, will have completed schedules or errors fixedd by administrators.  You will receive a paper copy of your schedule on Tuesday, April 24th.   Feel free to carry a stringed or woodwind instrument to play between classes or at lunch as a wandering minstrel.

    If you still cannot find a costume, see Mrs. Marler.  If you want to try to make one:

    MALE: Men's bottoms are simply swetapants that have a cuff or elasticized ankle and pulled to the knee.  Long socks and dress shoes or boots finish the leg.  For the shirt, cut off the collar, make a cut down the front about 5 inches long.  Poke holes on either side of the slit so that you can run a string through it.

    FEMALE:  Off the shoulder shirts, lace shirts, flowing shirts, poet shirts were all popular then.  Any longer skirt that is "A" shaped will work.  Peasant shirts of any kind are fine with skirts, too.  Wear a scarf or make a halo of fabric flowers.  

    Here are some sites that may help:From PinterestMedieval Works! Making Renaissance Costumes