• What will the Washington County property re-assessment mean for my school taxes?
    The purpose of Washington County property reassessment is not to increase revenue for the taxing bodies but rather base tax rates on actual market value and thus make the system fair to all taxpayers.  Burgettstown will not see a windfall when the reassessments go into effect next year.  In fact, by law, the school district must reduce the 2017 millage by the same percentage that the assessment values increased.  In other words, the current Burgettstown School tax millage of 132 mils will be reduced proportionally next June so that our overall revenue will be the same and your tax bill will be relatively the same as before the reassessments went into effect. 
    If the school district wants to increase its tax revenue, it must do so by a separate vote, so that there can be no hidden tax increases during the reassessment.
    {Thanks to the Washington County re-assessment webpage for information.}