Burgettstown Area School District desires to be welcoming and encourages parents/guardians to volunteer for school events and trips.  Our teachers value and rely on your involvement, our students benefit from your contribution of time, and our District is stronger as a result. 


    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted new legislation to amend the Child Protective Services Law, which requires the school district to update our policies regarding employees and volunteers. Burgettstown has now revised the interpretation of Act 153, the new state law mandating that school district volunteers obtain three clearances (Acts 34, 114, & 151).  Even if you have been a volunteer in the District in the past, you will have to receive your clearances if you wish to continue as a volunteer in the District.  Because so much of what we do in the schools involves direct contact with the students, we will need you to have your clearances to volunteer and support the students.


    Please see all of the information on this section of the website about volunteer clearances.    


    Thank you for your continued support and involvement with the students of the Burgettstown Area School District!