• Sharon BaillieMrs. Baillie
    Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher
    2011 AAFCS National Teacher of the Year
    National Board Certified Teacher ®
    Keystone Technology Integrator STAR
    2013 PA Ag in the Classroom Award
    FCCLA Master Adviser
    4-H Leader

    Preschool registrations will be taken in January.

    Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences
    Homeroom 119
    Pd 1 FCS6
    Pd 2 Duty
    Pd 3 Duty
    Pd 4 Plan
    Pd 5 Personal Finance
    Pd 6 Lunch
    Pd 7 Personal Finance
    Pd 8 FCS8
    Pd 9 Interior Design
    High School Courses Offered
    Child Development
    Adult Roles 
    On Your Own
    Interior Design
    Fashion Design
    Home and Family Life
    Personal Finance
    Middle School Course
    Family and Consumer Sciences 6 & 8
    All of my Middle/High School classes are now using Google Classroom for assignments. The sign in for Classroom is the same as the student's log in for the school internet. On Google Classroom you will find all assignment directions, worksheets and projects. All work is turned in, graded and returned using Google Classroom.
    Please click on that class name in the left column to find extra resources for your student's class. Assignment dates may be changed due to activities in the classroom. Please ask your student to update you on date changes. I make every attempt to respond to emails in a timely manner, usually at the end of the day. This is the quickest way for me to get messages. Please be aware that other responsibilities may prevent me from responding the same day.
    Grading Policy
    Family and Consumer Science classes are experience based. Points are earned daily by completing projects, experiences and labs on time and with appropiate participation. Students who are absent must see the teacher the day they return during homeroom for make-up work. When a period is missed the student must make-up the time missed during study hall or homeroom or they will receive zero points. This must be completed within one week of returning to school after an absence. If you can't read a file on the website, perhaps it is because the files are incompatible. For example, the district does not use Word Perfect, so students who submit electronic versions of work in this format have problems as it cannot be read here. We primarily use Google products. This  is a free product you can download  with cloud storage.  I hope this is helpful as we strive to communicate more effectively.