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     This site will support the work of our class.  I will do my best to keep information and links current and accurate.  However, should anything on the site differ from what we discuss in class, please ask me for clarification.  Pay close attention to the calendar page as this will be where I post the homework assignments. 
    To contact Mr. Dysert via email, you may use the following link:  rdysert@burgettstown.k12.pa.us
    Otherwise, you may call the high school office at (724) 947-8100. 
    I do my best to respond to all contact as soon as possible.  I attempt to read my email and check my mailbox during planning period (12:17 to 12:52) and after school (1:40).  However, parent meetings and other responsibilities may interfere with my best intentions. 
    qe6ki3m (this is the access code to the Civics Google Classroom)
    https://classroom.google.com/c/MTUxNzgxMjgxOTUw?cjc=qe6ki3m (this is the link to the Civics Google Classroom)
    ***Assignment dates may be changed due to activities in the classroom.  Please ask your student to update you on date changes