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    This site is EVOLVING and is constantly being updated.  You should use this site as a reference for AP BIOLOGY, and ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY classes; however, should class information contradict website information always check with me or your student.  I will do my best to CHECK MY E-MAILS & update this site regularly.  It is my goal to check these before and after school as well as during my planning time.  However, other responsibilities sometimes interfere with my efforts.  I will respond as soon as possible to all messages.  You can reach me at 724-947-8100 EXT 220 or via the rotating "e" which will take you to my email.   



    The bell schedule for the building is as follows.  Special schedules will be in effect on school delays and early dismissals (Act 80). 


    7:40-7:44                                  Athletic Director 

    7:47-8:27            Period 1        Athletic Director   

    8::30-9:10          Period 2         Athletic Director  

    9:13-9:53           Period 3         Anatomy & Physiology 

    9:56-10:36         Period 4         Anatomy & Physiology

    10:39-11:19       Period 5         PLAN                           

    11:43-12:23       Period 6          LUNCH 

    12:26 -1:06        Period 7          Anatomy & Physiology  

    1:09-1:49           Period 8         Athletic Director   

    1:52-2:32           Period 9         Athletic Director   


    This is a copy of my Class Guidelines that everyone must sign as well as their parents to acknowledge they understand the rules that will be followed in my class.
    Classroom Guidelines Agreement

    Mr. Krzeczowski

     Anatomy & Physiology



    *Grading Guidelines

              Grading is computed based on a category system. system.  Each assignment will have a predetermined point value and be in one of four categories.  Homework, Quizzes,Tests or Labs/Projects.



    • You must JOIN the GOOGLE CLASSROOM for your class to get assignments and lessons

    *Tests and Quizzes

              Tests and quizzes will consist of multiple choice, true and false and completion and open ended questions.  The material on the test will reflect both text and lecture material.


    1.      Homework will be assigned 3 to 5 times a week in the form of written work or reading.

    2.      Homework will be collected, graded and returned as soon as possible.

    3.      Late homework will receive at least 50% of the total points.

    4.      Homework must be neat, legible and in the proper form.

    5.     Homework will be collected at the beginning of the class only.

    *Projects and Labs

              These will be assigned at different times during the course.  They may be either individual or group projects.


                A notebook is mandatory and required for class.  A three ring binder is preferred. They will be collected at the end of the 1st and 3rd nine weeks.


              You will need to bring the following materials to class everyday.

    1.      Book

    2.      Notebook

    3.      Pencil  (I will tell you when to bring a pen!)

    *Extra Credit

              There will be NO extra credit in this class.  If you do all the work that is assigned, that is more than enough to receive a passing grade.


              If a student is caught cheating on a homework assignment, quiz or test, both parties involved will receive a zero for the assignment.  If the behavior persists, disciplinary action will be taken.

    *Classroom Behavior

    1.      Only one person speaks at a time.

    2.      Respect will be shown towards the teacher and all other students.

    3.      Politeness is highly recommended at all times.

    4.      Note taking is required in this class.

    5.      All that you bring into this room is yours, everything else is mine.  Do not touch anything unless you ask first.