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    These are Mrs. Garuccio's pages for sharing information for students and parents.
    Period  1-Honors Chemistry
    Period 2- Honors Chemistry Lab
    Period 3-  Honors Chemistry
    Period 4- AP Chemistry
    Period 5- AP Chemistry Lab
    Period 6- Lunch 
    Period 7- Lunch Duty
    Period 8- Chemistry
    Period 9- Planning
    I attempt to read e-mails before and after school; but my students always come first. So if their needs interfere with this schedule, I will respond as quickly as possible. I can be reached at the high school office by calling 724-947-8100 Ext. 221 or by e-mail at JGaruccio@burgettstown.k12.pa.us.
    ***Assignment dates may be changed due to activities in the classroom. Pop quizzes are given often and not announced.  Please ask your student to update you on date changes.