• David Roth - Art Teacher

    Contact : droth@burgettstown.k12.pa.us
    Welcome to Mr. Roth's Art classes
    The following is my daily schedule:
    Homeroom:  137 Grade 12
    Period 1 :     Art A          
    Period 2 :     Art A            
    Period 3:      Art A       
    Period 4:      Ceramics          
    Period 5:      Art A               
    Period 6:      LUNCH              
    Period 7:      Plan           
    Period 8:      Art 8                  
    Period 11:    Duty(S1) Ceramics(S2)                 
    I make every attempt to keep my website current. However this information is subject to change due to activities in the classroom.
    contact email :
    I will make every attempt to respond to emails ASAP