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    2021-2022  School Year 
    Mr. Denny
    Room 106
     6th Grade Science
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     ** Check Google Classroom nightly for assignments, quizzes, and tests.**




      Google Classroom Codes 

    Math Period 2&3- 2lawrq6

    Math Period 7&8- sxu43jw

    Science Period 4- 2eqxrhq

    Science Period 9- 66vanwa

    Syllabus and Classroom Expectations

    Teacher:  Mr. Denny

    “30 years from now it wont matter what shoes you wore, how you hair looked or the jeans you bought. What will matter is what you learned and how you used it.”

    Welcome to 6th grade math and science!  I am excited to begin a new school year with you.  I would like take the opportunity to share with you the expectations for our classroom, as well as what we will be studying for the upcoming school year.  I encourage you to keep this handout on file for future reference.

    Contact Information Thinking Cap

    I welcome parent contact at any time, whether to address questions/concerns or just to share a success in your child’s life.  My e-mail address is cdenny@burgettstown.k12.pa.us and my school phone number is 724-947-8150.  E-mail is the easiest way for me to connect with parents, but I would be happy to conference over the phone or to schedule a conference after 3:45 p.m. most any afternoon.  Miss Hess and I will be happy to conference together if necessary.


    Classroom Rules

    There are basic rules in our classroom:

    • Be on time:  In order to make the most out of every class period, students are expected to be in their assigned seats and ready to start class.  Students will be given several minutes at the conclusion of each class in order to update agendas with the evening’s homework assignment.
    • Be respectful:  This rule includes respect of school rules, school/individual property and, most importantly, respect for others.  Students will be working in collaborative groups of some type nearly every day in both math and science, so this rule is of particular importance.


    ü      Raise your hand if you have a question

    ü      Do not chew gum

    ü      Stand quietly in line

    ü      Once class begins, do not move openly around the classroom (i.e. sharpening pencil)

    • Be responsible:  Students are responsible for coming to class prepared.  Required daily materials are as follows:

    ü      Agenda

    ü      Completed homework assignments

    ü      Textbook

    ü      Notebook

    ü      Pencil


    If a single infraction occurs multiple times, this is the procedure that I will take!

    1)     Warning

    2)     Signing of Stars Contract

    3)     Loss of monthly reward

    4)     Discipline Essay

    5)     Parent phone call/conference


    Students will be rewarded throughout the year for good behavior.

    1)     Homework Pass

    2)     Stars Reward

    3)     Computer time

    4)     Field Day Practice


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    Students should expect some type of homework assignment at least 3-4 days a week. I do not like to give homework over a weekend unless it is a project.  Assignments will be posted daily on the board.  Students are expected to copy assignments as written in their agendas at the end of class. Homework is extremely important. Each homework assignment will be factored in to the final 9 week grade. Typically, a homework grade is between 25-35 point per quarter . At times, I will surprise the class and turn a homework assignment into a 10 point quiz grade. So, always be prepared and complete assignments.    

    In the event of an absence, students call a reliable friend to find out what was missed in class.  If a student is going to be absent for an extended period of time, please contact me and I will put together all of the missed assignments.  

    Late Assignments

    Late assignments are still to be turned in. A student can lose up to one point a day if homework is not turned in. Extra worksheets are always available in the back of our classroom.






    Academic Grades

    Students will be assessed in multiple ways, including the following:

    BAEC grading scale is as follows:




    Unit folders

    Open responses

    Portfolio pieces

                                     A     100-90

                                     B     89-80

                                     C     79-70

                                     D     69-60

                                     F     Below 60

    Classroom Supplies

    I require only a few basic supply purchases for my class.  Students should have a pencil and/or pen with blue or black ink every day.  They should also have notebook paper.  Markers are nice to have for certain projects, but optional.  In addition, I also ask students to have several pieces of poster board on hand at home for future projects.  Students should be able to complete all other projects using household materials.




    1) Harcourt Science Level 5/6





    Homeroom- 7:40-7:43

    Rotation- 7:47- 8:22

    Period 2- 8:25-9:00

    Period 3- 9:03-9:38

    Period 4- 9:41-10:16


    Period 6- 10:59-11:34

    Period 7- 11:38-12:13

    Period 8- 12:17-12:52

    Period 9- 12:55-1:30








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