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    World Cultures

     Mrs. H. Dengel, Room 127                                          Burgettstown Middle High School

    E-Mail: hdengel@burgettstown.k12.pa.us Google Classroom: Assignments 

    Grading Scale:  A = 90-100   B = 80-89   C = 70-79   D = 60-69   F = 0-59 

    Homework:   Incomplete/partially completed homework will be assessed as a zero.  In addition, shared completion of assignments will not be tolerated.  Each assignment is worth 5 points, unless otherwise noted.  Homework will account for 30% of the total grade.

    Pop Quizzes:  Pop quizzes can occur at any time and will relate to all material covered by lecture, notes, text, “movies” and outside readings.  Each pop quiz is equivalent to 10 points.  The number of pop quizzes will vary per nine weeks. Pop Quizzes will account for 20% of the total grade.

    Exams/Projects:  Exams information will be provided through lecture, group activities, readings, homework, worksheets, and video clips. Exams will vary in points depending upon the amount of material covered.  Most exams will be completed during the class period, therefore always bring your class materials. Map exams will precede other exams. Exams will account for 30% of the total grade.

    Participation:  Points will be awarded to those who report on time with their necessary materials, complete their Do Now’s in a timely manner, and contribute to the positive learning environment of the classroom. Participation will account for 20% of the total grade. 

    Materials:  It will be necessary for all students to report with a notebook, charged chromebook, packets (if applicable) a binder, and writing utensil(s). Students are required to have a separate notebook for this class. A binder will be most helpful to assist  with organization.  

    Technology/Internet:  Technology resources will be utilized throughout the school year and will be our main form of communication for assignments and progress. School rules apply when accessing information and completing assignments. When enrolling on technology sites, students are required to use their first and last name. 

     Help:  Students should always make arrangements ahead of time to meet with me as my schedule is subject to change.  Currently, my preparation time is period 8 (1:09 - 1:49). 

    Cell Phones:  Cell phones are not to be in possession of one's person during class unless we are using it for seatwork. All phones are to  be placed in the assigned pockets in the front of the room BEFORE the start of class. Students who make their cell phones visible during class will have their participation points docked and tests given on that day will be recorded as a zero.

     Water:  You are permitted to bring it to class so long as the district policy is followed.

    Please complete the form in Google Classroom to receive credit for your first homework assignment. It is expected to be completed by August 30, 2023.