Music observations

    The four criteria for strong bass line creation

    1. Chromatic movement, the most powerful ….the more you use it the more the listener expects to hear it

    2. Circular. Forward movement around the circle

    3. Whole steps down

    4. Minor thirds

    Example hit the road jack Chi- BbMaj -AbMaj-G7


    LICKS are not music…it is like using the same line every time.


    The Ionian mode should be used the least the Lydian mode is my major scale because of its half octave

    The Lydian …..The half octave exists

    The Lydian with a b7 with a b2


    Solfege…no moveable do


    Interval study


    INTERVAL: distance between notes

    Root to 2nd    major 2nd

    Root to 3rd    major 3rd

    Root to 4th     perfect 4th

    Root to 5th     perfect 5th
    root to 6th       major 6th 

    Root to 7th     major 7th       

    Root to 8th     perfect octave 


    How to hear chord changes

    ·        Harmonize in 4 note chords

    ·        Majors

    ·        Melodic and Harmonic Minors

    In all 12 keys

    Know what you are hearing