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    The Intersection of the Arts and Technology at Burgettstown High School


    Burgettstown Art Teacher David Roth receives STEAM grant in the amount of $4550.00


    The STEAM grant was offered by the “The Grable Foundation and The Benedum Foundation for administrators and teachers to partner with community based organizations and institutions of higher education to advance the convergence of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with the arts to get STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).  What happens when you add the arts to STEM? You get STEAM. STEAM is national movement to advance the arts as part of the recognition that the arts teach creativity, problem solving, contextual thinking and other aptitudes deemed critical to the workforce demands of the 21st Century. And now, here in our region, we are being encouraged to explore the intersection of the arts with technology.


    The Collaboration: The Ceramic Art of Jim and Linda Winegar


    Project Description:


         This project is a collaborative effort between ceramic artists Jim and Linda Winegar, David Roth, and the students of Burgettstown Area School District, The plan is to use the grant money is to have the Winegars’ to do a residency at Burgettstown High School and create a documentary video production of ceramic techniques. The Art and media students will be introduced to the basics of video production. These students will produce, write, shoot, and edit this project that will develop their narrative and technical skills.  The final production will be posted on the arts educator 2.0 wiki, vimeo, and YouTube.


    Roth states, “The students around the area will be able to benefit from the perspectives of these artists and I think they will be helpful in developing their own artistic voice.”

    “Ceramics students in Burgettstown School District will be able to benefit from this production by improving their centering, throwing, trimming, and glazing, techniques. Other students and the community will be able to benefit from possibilities offered by this production by the global reach of the Internet. Using the Internet as a tool that expands the possibilities of traditional teaching methods as a gateway to a new space where having professional artists come into classrooms via the Internet.” Roth said.


    Roth As a participant in "Arts Educator 2.0" at the intermediate unit one became a part of an online community of practice, focused on learning to create units of study in the arts, which are tied to state and national standards.


    Roth would like to thank Superintendent Deborah Jackson and assistant Amy Rush for their continued support of the arts in the district as well as technology coordinator Jacque Goodburn and Chris Navaduskas with their assistance in the grant writing process