• Career Readiness

    Course Overview:
    This semester course is designed to prepare students to perform various job seeking functions such as: constructing a resume and cover letter, preparing for an interview, how to answer typical interview questions, performing in an interview, business etiquette, public speaking, and various other tasks one would need to know in procuring a job. The students will also use technology to research careers that match their interest profile. The course culminates in a mock interview where students will have the opportunity to go through all phases of a job interview situation. 
    Career Readiness is required and usually taken during the 11th grade year. The course is heavily technology based. Students will utilize web-based Career Planning sites, primarily Smart Futures, for exploring interests, skills, and values as they relate to suggested occupations. Students will use Microsoft Word/Google Docs to write individual professional cover letters, resumes, and thank you letters. Each student will utilize PowerPoint/Slides to build slides from their Job Shadow Experience and will present that information to the class. Students will also be exposed to entrepreneurship and will write a basic business plan based on a company that they would start up.
    Career Readiness is a graduation requirement of all high school students. The students will meet the Career Awareness and Work Pennsylvania Academic Standards. We will utilize Smart Futures technology to store many state mandatory assignments that function as "pieces of evidence" for your career portfolio.
    Course Components:
    • Personal Career Assessment assignment
    • Multiple Smart Futures Activities (Matching careers to personality type, abilities/aptitudes, interests, narrowing your career clusters and pathway, school/college planning, job interviews, and entrepreneurship)
    • How to answer typical interview questions
    • Interview Etiquette
    • Resume Prep, Resume Builder
    • Professional Resume, Cover letter, Thank you letter
    • Job Research/Market Research
    • Job Trends/Outlooks
    • Job Shadow Project
    • Presentation skills
    • Job Interview
    • There will be many other smaller assignments throughout the semester focusing on students' understanding of how the process works of job research, resume writing, business/interview etiquette, and the actual interview
    • Microsoft and Google software, Internet, Smart Futures, Web-based Career Planning sites
Last Modified on February 16, 2024