• Information Technology 9

    Course Overview
    This semester course is designed to reinforce and master advanced word processing, presentation, and Internet skills. This course is designed to develop and enrich student understanding and application of various technology skills needed in their academic endeavors. Students will not only master document formatting using Microsoft Word/
    Google Docs, but learn professional and ethical electronic communication skills, improve researching methods using the Internet, and demonstrate presentation skills using PowerPoint/Slides. We will also use PowerPoint/Slides for a multimedia project. Students will meet the Business, Computer, and Information Technology Pennsylvania Standards . Information Technology 9 is a BASD graduation requirement. 
    Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint), Google Docs and Slides, Internet Explorer, Typing.com, Smart Futures
    Course Components:
    • Typing.com (keyboarding reinforcement)
    • Word Processing/document formatting
    • Internet navigation and safety/digital media safety
    • Career-based assignments using Smart Futures
    • PowerPoint/Slides assignments/projects
    • Multimedia project using PowerPoint/Slides, digital pictures, sound files, and images
Last Modified on February 16, 2024