• Ms. Susan M. Pusateri
    Language Arts Department
    10th Grade English
    10th Grade Honors English
    AP Literature and Composition


    Welcome to my website.
     Looking forward to a FANTASTIC YEAR!

    Welcome to my website.  It is always under construction, so check back often for any changes or updates.  Below are some tips on how to navigate the site:

    • If ever you are unsure of your responsibilities in my class, refresh your memory by rereading the information under the section "Teacher Creed/Rules/Responsibilities."  You should also have this information in the front of your required English binder. This is required of all students, regardless of level.
    • General course summaries and/or syllabi are located under each class name. (Works of literature read and assignments vary from year-to-year). 
    • Use the "Daily Agenda_2019-20" section to check assignments if you were absent or if you just need a recap of what we did in class. Oftentimes, you will be able to download any handouts that were given out. This will help you to get a head start if you are absent. It's also handy in case you were to lose the handout. Future assignments, up to a week in advance, are posted here as well. Parents: Assignment dates may be changed due to activities in the classroom.  Please ask your student to update you on any changes.   Date changes are also usually posted here on the day they are announced. Also: Please note that some assignments, with expanded descriptions and instructions, can also be found in Google Classroom.
    • Use the "Formal Assessment & Homework Grading Methods/Requirements" 
       link located within each class section to see how homework is graded and overall grade is calculated.
    Phone: (724) 947-8100 ext. 5128


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