• Curriculum Overview: The Wilson Reading Program is a direct instruction, comprehensive, intensive (Tier 3) program for students in grades 2 and higher, with significant reading and writing challenges. The program is based on phonological-coding research. The overall goal of WRS is to have students independently read grade level text (both informational and narrative) with ease and understanding. There are 12 steps to this program that focus heavily on phonemic awareness, phoneme segmentation, decoding, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. 
    Classroom Expectations: In our classroom, we value respect, kindness, and a positive learning environment. We will discuss and establish specific expectations together as a class, creating a space where every student feels safe and motivated to succeed.


    Grading Scale:

    90-100 A

    80-89 B

    70-79 C

    60-69 D

    59 Below F