• Class Schedule: Here is our daily class schedule to help you and your child stay organized:

      • 8:30-9:00 Morning Arrival
      • 9:00-10:30 ELA with Homeroom
      • 10:30-11:00 Lunch
      • 11:00-12:30 ELA with MR. Hughes's Homeroom
      • 12:30 Snack
      • 12:30-1:10 Social Studies with Mr. Hughes's Homeroom
      • 1:10-1:50 Special Area
      • 1:50-2:10 Recess
      • 2:10-2:40 Intervention
      • 2:40-3:20 Social Studies with Homeroom
      • 3:20-3:30 Prepare for Dismissal
      • 3:30 Dismissal

      Grading Scale:

      90-100 A

      80-89 B

      70-79 C

      60-69 D

      59 Below F

      Curriculum Overview: Our English Language Arts curriculum uses McGraw Hill Wonders resources both in print and digital formats. Various other resources, including Google Classroom, Blooket, Quizziz, and Storyworks, are added to enhance instruction.

      Classroom Expectations: Appropriate classroom behavior and a positive attitude towards learning is the culture in my classroom.

      Homework and Assignments: Homework assignments will be given regularly to practice Spelling Words. Occasional Reading and Social Studies homework can be expected if extra preparation and practice are needed.

      Classroom Resources: Additional classroom resources will be found in the Classwork tab of the Google Classroom and through Clever. You can find access to the Wonders digital platform, EPIC Digitial Library, and targeted skill and review games in the Google Classroom.

Last Modified on February 16, 2024