• Information Technology 8

    Course Overview

    Welcome to Information Technology 8. IT 8 is a 7 week course designed to reinforce basic work processing, internet navigation, internet safety, and career awareness skills. Students will meet the Burgettstown 8th grade technology objectives based on the Business, Computer, and Information Technology state standards as well as the standards for Career Education and Work. Students will also meet the Career Readiness Indicators for the Future Ready PA Index and ESSA Accountability. Students will build upon the technology skills they learned in 7th grade to demonstrate their ability to research, create, and edit documents.

    The rotation will focus on two main objectives: Career Education and Cyberbullying/bullying. The Career Project begins early in either academic career and concludes with the Exit Project class during their junior or senior year, called Career Readiness. For this rotation, students will use primarily Smart Futures to explore and research careers that match his/her interests and educational goals. Cyberbullying is becoming one of our nation's fastest growing concerns in today's schools. Kids are not only being bullied online, but also in person. This course will address this serious issue and discuss ways students can protect themselves, prevent, and report cyberbullying. Information Technology 8 is required of all eighth grade students.

    Topics to be covered:

    • Internet and Researching skills
    • Advanced Word Processing
    • Career Education using primarily Smart Futures
    • Cyberbullying/bullying

    Contacting the teacher

    Students and parents are encouraged to utilize the district Alma technology to keep track of student performance. From the district webpage, there's a link for all teachers' emails. Email is always the easiest as I check my email numerous times throughout the day. I am also available for phone calls or meetings during my planning period or after school by appointment. 


Last Modified on February 16, 2024