Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Barliakos (Frau B.)


My name is Mary Barliakos and I am the Deutschlehrerin (German teacher) here at Burgettstown Middle High School. I am very excited about the opportunity to work with your sons and daughters, and I hope they will enjoy this experience as much as I. German is a wonderful and extremely useful language to offer our students. I know that the German language may sound a bit harsh, but this just makes learning the language all the more fun to learn, hear, and teach.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself, as it is quite important to know something about the person working with your sons and daughters. This is my twenty-first year at Burgettstown. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and am a graduate of Michigan State University. It was there I received my BA in German Studies. In addition to my studies at MSU, I have also studied in Freiburg, Germany, where I really had a wonderful opportunity to experience the language and live the culture. Upon my return from Germany, I completed my graduate studies at Wayne State University in the heart of Detroit, earning my Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).  

I would also like to use this time to inform you how our German classes are structured. Every day, I emphasize each of the five basic skills of language learning, i.e., listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture. It is my firm belief that the more a student is immersed in a foreign language, the chances are greater that the student will not become intimidated, but rather will want to use the language as a means of communication. Having said this, it has been my experience that students respond better and are more attentive when only the target language is used. I would like to see each of our students become a proficient speaker of German, at each level.

I really am very fortunate to be able to work with such a great group of students and welcome the opportunity to get to know parents as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call (724) 947-8100 ext.133. I will respond at the end of the school day.

Alles Gute! 

Mary Barliakos