Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Tropeck

Starry Night: S.T.E.M. Interactive Sky 

Instructed by: Mr. T. Tropeck, Burgettstown Area H.S.

Period 8

Planning Period 6 



Course Syllabus




The sky is enormous, distant and filled with mysterious things. Astronomy is a large subject and it is easy to be overwhelmed at first.   There is a vast amount of new information and terminology to absorb.  Don’t worry,Starry Night interactive software makes it easy! 


Each Lesson will begin with an introduction/ hands on activity then conclude with a Starry Night Computer exercise. The step-by-step instructions, activities and computer simulations will lead to a solid understanding of your place in our solar system and within the Universe. Welcome to the wonderful world of Astronomy! If you are new to the subject, get ready to explore and enjoy yourself. 


Astronomy Concepts Addressed: 

Astronomy Concepts aimed to be completed this semester.  ** Subject to change 


  1. Earth Moon and Sun

A1: The Day and Night Cycle

  A2: The Year and the Seasons

A3: The Moon

A4: Phases of the Moon

    B. The Solar System

B1: Overview of the Solar System

B2: Size and Scale of the Solar System

    C. The Planets 

C1: The Inner and Outer Planets of the Solar System

C2: Motion of the Planets

C3: The Moons of the Planets

C4:Pluto as a Dwarf Star

    D: Small Solar System Bodies

D1: Asteroids of the Main Belt

D2: Comets and Meteors

D3: Impact: Near Earth Objects

    E: Finding Star Constellations

E1: Finding Your Way Around the Sky

E2: Constellations and Star Lore

E3: Seasonal Constellations

E4: The Zodiac and Astronomy Astrological Roots


    F: The Sun as a Star

F1: The Sun as a Source of Energy

F2: Solar Weather

F3: The Formation of the Sun and Solar System


    G. The Stars

G1: The Solar Neighborhood

G2: The Stars

    G3: Black Holes

    E. Star Finding and Constellations

E1: Finding Your Way Around the Sky

E2: Constellations and Lore *(R1)

E3: Seasonal Constellations 

     H. Galaxies and the Universe

H1: The Milky Way Galaxy

H2: The Universe

H3: The Origin and Evolution of the Universe

  1. Space Exploration and Technology

I1: Artificial Satellites and the Space Environment

I2: Great Explorations in the Solar System


COURSE EXPECTATIONS: Students will be expected to be active participants in all classroom activities and discussions. A sense of teamwork and mutual respect within the classroom is necessary to create a positive working atmosphere thus, educational prosperity can be achieved. This course demands that students be prepared for class by coming into the classroom with open thoughts of creativity, imagination and curiosity about the continuously changing world around them. In order to achieve the goals of this course, students must be present and maintain respect for all aspects within the classroom; focus, ability to follow directions, teamwork and most importantly safety rules and procedures. 


GRADING:  Academic evaluation in this Starry Night Astronomy course is achieved on a system based on weighted assessments and assignments. The course academic evaluation is based on the following weighting system: Formal Assessments 70%, Informal (In- Class Assessments 20% and S.T.E.M. Activities 10%. An important fact that should be stressed to all students classroom discussions/ hands learning is a very important aspect of classroom learning. 


  • RESPECT: Respect for the instructor, other students, their opinions and school property will be expected of all students. “Treat others as you wish to be treated”


  • Students are expected to be in their seat with all learning materials present at the time the bell rings. If a student must return to his/her locker for materials, a tardy will be compiled on his or her classroom record. 


  • Students are to use the restroom, gather materials or sharpen pencils before the bell and classroom activities begin.


  • No personal electronic devices, gum, candy or outside of class focal points will be present during classroom activities. 


Everyone can be an exceptional learner and achieve educational success!!