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    For the 2023-2024 school year, I teach English 7 during: 

    Period 1

    Period 2

    Period 3

    Period 4

    Period 6

    Period 7 

    For our English class, students should have a charged Chromebook, writing utensil, a folder or binder, and paper/notebook. We will utilize Google Classroom daily. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to sign up for the guardian summaries from Google Classroom. 

    For Club period and Blue Devil Block, students should bring any school work they need to complete and/or a book to read. 

    I have homeroom, club and Blue Devil Blocks students (BDB is during period 9). My lunch is during period 5, and my planning period is scheduled for period 8. 

    I do my best to return messages during my planning time and after school.