Our daily schedule!

  • Arrival/ breakfast/morning work: 8:30 AM

    Morning meeting/calendar: 9:00 AM

    ELA: 9:15 AM

    Snack/bathroom break: 10:50 AM

    Specials: 11:10 AM 

    Intervention: 11:55 AM

    Lunch: 12:30 PM

    Recess: 1:00 PM

    Math: 1:30 PM

    Pack up: 3:15 PM

    Dismissal 3:30 PM 


    Curriculum Overview: Our curriculum focuses on fostering a love for learning, developing critical thinking skills, and building a strong foundation in core subjects. Throughout the year, we'll explore various themes, engage in hands-on activities, and work collaboratively to ensure a well-rounded education.

    Classroom Expectations: In our classroom, we value respect, kindness, and a positive learning environment. We will discuss and establish specific expectations together as a class, creating a space where every student feels safe and motivated to succeed.