• Policies and Procedures

    Dress regulations:
    1.  Tennis shoes or soft-soled shoes that will not mark the floor must be worn,      
         especially in the Fitness Center.
    2.  Shorts, sweatpants, or warm-up pants
    3.  Tops must consist of any T-shirt not part of your present day school attire
    4.  Each student is expected to dress for every class.
    All students are required to take physical education.  Any student that does not dress for and participate in class activities will be required to make up that day.  This is a zero tolerance policy
    If a student is ill or injured and is to be excused from gym activities for a class, that student must present an excuse to the class instructor.  The student will not be required to dress for gym and will only observe the class activities.  Only doctors excuses will count as a valid excuse.   Any doctor's excuse requires a date of return to participation. 
    DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN THE LOCKER ROOM.  They may be checked in the physical education office before class.  Anything missing must be reported before the class leaves. 
    GRADING:  Physical education is no longer graded on a pass/fail basis.  Students will be graded according to the district's grading scale.  Students can attain 12 points per day/60 points per week.
Last Modified on February 16, 2024