• World Cultures (A&B): year course

    The course investigates the factors that shape civilizations and how different civilizations interact throughout different time periods. Students will study the relationship between historical culture and present day issues to help them to understand the interaction and cultural influences throughout the world. Enrolled students will be expected to read, create, and develop projects independently in addition to utilizing technology when possible.

    The Holocaust and Genocide Studies A & B: semester course

    Students will gain insight into the many historical, social, religious, political, and economic factors that cumulatively resulted in the Holocaust and worldwide acts of genocide.  Enrolled students will be expected to complete intense reading and writing assignments as well as research independently.  Due to the mature nature of the content, this course is best suited for grades 11 and 12 with approval from the instructor.  At the discretion of the Burgettstown Area School Board, field trips may be taken to enhance and reinforce course objectives.  Holocaust & Genocide Studies A is a prerequisite for Holocaust & Genocide Studies B