• Report attendance for Remote Learners

    Attendance for students in the building on a given day will be recorded by the homeroom teacher.  Elementary students in the fully remote classrooms will have attendance recorded by the remote teacher.  However, everyone else working remotely is required to “sign-in” each school day.  We have three options for this.

    (Preferred) Option 1: Complete an online attendance form:

    • Click here for reporting attendance for Middle / High School Students: Attendance Link is emailed to Students at 7:30 Daily

     Note: A separate form must be completed for each child.


    Option 2: If you are unable to submit the Attendance Form, please email your child’s name, grade, homeroom teacher, attendance status (in attendance or absent)* to the following:


    Option 3: If you are unable to submit the form or email the school at the attendance email address, please call the school offices* at: Elementary: 724-947-8150 and provide your child’s information.