• 5 Reasons Why Students Should Take Computer Science in High School


    1.  Improved Problem-Solving Skills

     Coding even the simplest program requires careful analysis of the available methods to make the most efficient choice to accomplish a given task. Computer science teaches kids how to           approach problems critically and be economical in their solutions.

    2.  Balanced STEM Participation

    Large gaps between genders and ethnicities still exist in the U.S. when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. Women and minorities such as blacks and Hispanics make up a large chunk of the workforce, and yet only a fraction are employed in STEM-related jobs. 

    3.  Better Career Opportunities

    Businesses, healthcare establishments, government offices, software companies and creative agencies are just a few of the places where a computer science major can get a job. Providing kids with the chance to learn the ins and outs of coding in high school gives them a strong foundation to build on when they pursue a degree. 

    4.  Ability to Compete Globally

    Several countries around the world either already require computer science classes in their grade schools or are working on programs to implement this requirement. Estonia began teaching computer science to kids as young as six in 2012, and England now requires some form of coding to be taught to students ages five to 16. The U.S. currently has no such policies, but some cities are beginning to take the initiative in local districts.

    5.  Greater Earning Potential

    Computer science majors can earn at least $60,000 right out of college, and the average salary across the field in 2019 was $103,160. Even those in the lowest bracket made $65,000 a year. Working for the government or a high-powered company may pay over $150,000. This gives students with computer science background great opportunities for growth in many fields. Just about every industry needs people with computer science knowledge, so job availability is likely to remain high for the foreseeable future.

    computer job salaries

    Information taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics February 2020


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    Last year, over 500,000 computing and developing jobs in the United States went unfilled because there were not enough employees to fill the jobs.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts Computer Science to be the fastest growing field through 2025.  A Computer Science job awaits you straight out of college!!!  Choose an occupation where you will find a job once you graduate college.

    If you are still unsure about this field, or signing up for your first Computer Science course, please speak with me as soon as possible before registering for next year's classes.  All you need as a prerequisite for this course is that you successfully passed Algebra 1.  No programming experience is required.





Last Modified on March 1, 2020