Gamification title
  • Upping your game! 

    1. Take credit for what you are already doing.

    Many teachers use review games, reward experiences, and extra credit opportunities that including gaming. Reflect and celebrate on what you have already included in your classes. Do not let thoughts of "Why wasn't I doing this before?" or "Oh my gosh, others are so far ahead of me on this!" get in the way of your own growth. 

    2. Consider how you can expand your experiences. Will you layer in more gaming experiences or will you make sweeping changes? 

    There is no right answer to this. We must stretch ourselves and risk failure to grow and learn. You will be out of your comfort zone making changes, but make sure that you manage the pressure without allowing it to get to a point where you want to give up on your goals and what you believe is best for students. Strive for your gaming experiences to be meaningful learning rather than a novelty. Although gaming may increase engagement, it is your expertise that will harness that engagement for the benefit of student learning. 

    3. What tools/advice will you need to accomplish your goals? 

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