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    As we continue to strive for effective professional development to support our teachers and classrooms, we have created opportunities for teachers to earn micro-credentials in an online/hybrid format in topics they select. Along with the micro-credential, teachers earn time which they can use on a day that is mutually agreeable between teacher and supervisor.

    Thank you Dr. Walsh and BAEA President, Mr. Closser, for reaching an agreement to allow for this new format. 

    These experiences are open to all teachers. Five teachers can be in each class at a time. Since these are self-paced, once a teacher completes the activities, the next teacher on the list will be invited to begin. We will use a Google Form to collect sign-up lists. 

    Although these experiences are updated based on teacher feedback, you can only participate in a topic one time. 

Current Offerings

  • Mentoring Skills

    Posted by Jacqueline Goodburn on 8/22/2019

    During this course, teachers will identify and strive to further develop their skills at supporting each other in the art of teaching. 

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  • Mindfulness 1-Cultivating a Personal Practice

    Posted by Jacqueline Goodburn on 5/16/2018

    During this course, teachers will learn about the research behind mindfulness and its ability to impact our learning environments. They will explore different aspects and practices with a goal of developing resiliency and equanimity. 

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  • Differentiation

    Posted by Jacqueline Goodburn on 5/16/2018

    During this course, teachers will explore differentation and discover ways to differentiate process, product, and/or content to better meet the needs of their learners. They will also review strategies for classroom management that can support differentiated learning activities. 

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Offerings being piloted

  • Make Your Own

    Posted by Jacqueline Goodburn on 10/11/2019
    Good morning,

    Have you ever thought? I wish we would get PD on _______? I'm looking to pilot a new micro-credential where you Make Your Own by selecting a topic, creating a plan with me, and then completing whatever competencies best align with your topic and plans. Your topic and plans should be about changes to your practice that improve the experiences for your students, so learning to use _______ online tool could be part of a Make Your Own, but not the whole project.
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  • 21st Century Learning: the 4 C's

    Posted by Jacqueline Goodburn on 9/16/2019

    In this experience, we will explore Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking. Although these are familiar terms, we will work to update their uses in our classrooms by layering in 21st Century experiences for our students. 

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