• Explore all research options. Remember, only academic, credible resources are acceptable. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Does this article "feel" academic or are there red flags, like slang/informal language or errors?
    • Does the source provide an author's full first and last name?
    • If the article has not been printed in a journal, did you google that person's name to determine his/her expertise?
    • Is the author someone who is not an expert in the field? Remember, anyone can create a blog or webpage. 
    • Is the source affiliated with a credible institution, university/college, society, or journal/newspaper?
      • remember, colleges/universities will often post their students' papers. Student work, even work from graduate level students, is not acceptable for this assignment. 
    • Are you missing much of the information that is needed to cite the source?


    Even though there are quality websites out there, you need to be collecting journal articles or books.  DO NOT rely on websites, as this isn't the "best" research.  Doing so suggests a lack of diligence. 

    Consider the following:

    1. powerlibrary.org (Search the eresources)

         Under the "Literature" tab, explore EBSCO for books of literary criticism.

         Under the "Education" tab, explore High School Student Research for articles of literary criticism.  

    2. Western Allegheny Community library (online database)

         Under "Books and More" select "eresources"

          Navigate to the very bottom where you will find a list of blue links. Select the link "Literature" and explore the third option on the list: "Literature Resource Center." 

    3. www.jstor.org (free online database once you sign up)

          You will be able to view scanned pages online. 

    4. link to Bloom's Critical Interpretations: F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby