• GI Bill Benefits for High School Students

    Survivors & Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA)

    The following guide will help you determine if you are eligible and how to apply for the the Dept. of  Veterans Affairs DEA program.

    The Survivor's and Dependents' Educational Assistance (DEA) program provides education and training opportunities to eligible dependents of certain veterans. The program offers up to 45 months of education benefits. These benefits may be used for degree and certificate programs, apprenticeship, and on-the-job training. Remedial, deficiency, and refresher courses may be approved under certain circumstances.

    • A veteran who died from any cause while such service-connected disability was in existence.

    • A servicemember missing in action or captured in line of duty by a hostile force.

    • A servicemember forcibly detained or interned in line of duty by a foreign government or power.

    • VA determines has a service-connected permanent and total disability; and

      • at the time of VA's determination is a member of the Armed Forces who is hospitalized or receiving outpatient medical care, services, or treatment; and

      • is likely to be discharged or released from service for this service-connected disability.

    If you are a son or daughter and wish to receive benefits for attending school or job training, you must be between the ages of 18 and 26. In certain instances, it is possible to begin before age 18 and to continue after age 26. Marriage is not a bar to this benefit. If you are in the Armed Forces, you may not receive this benefit while on active duty. To pursue training after military service, your discharge must not be under dishonorable conditions. VA can extend your period of eligibility by the number of months and days equal to the time spent on active duty. This extension cannot go beyond your 31stbirthday.

    You should make sure that your selected program is approved for VA training. If you are not clear on this point, VA will inform you and the school or company about the requirements.

    This information was copied from:  https://www.military.com/education/money-for-school/dependents-educational-assistance-dea.html
    For more information, call 1-888-442-4551 or visit the www.benefits.va.gov/gibill website.