• TS Eliot quote Only those who will risk going too far can possiby find out how far one can go.

    Teachers-do you have great strategies, ideas, and/or innovative practices to share?  

    I know great moments are happening in your classrooms!  Let's extend the reach of your talents by creating an opportunity for you to share with others.  There are a few ways that you can do this.  Review the options and consider in which format you would be comfortable offering your insights.  

    • Menu-choice days:  These sessions have primarily been held face to face and have run approximately one hour in length.  If needed, they could be 2.5 or whole day sessions depending on your topic.  Historically, our STEAM tools like the Hummingbird kits needed longer sessions.  Just as you would plan other instruction, you will need to have a framework for your information and expectations/competencies for your attendees.  
    • Online PD:  For our online opportunities, we have utilized our Google Classroom platform to share these topics.  So far these types of sessions have been held asynchronously so that teachers can work at their own pace to complete the necessary work.  You will be expected to create support pieces such as video tutorials, interactives, and discussion topics.  As with all of our sessions, you will need to determine expectations/competencies for your attendees.  To date these sessions have been three hours in length.  Just as you would facilitate a face to face session, as the leader, you are expected to facilitate the online work as well.  
    • Before/After School, Grade Level, or Department Meeting:  If you feel that your information would more efficiently shared in a less formal way, we can work together to schedule a meeting time/location, etc. 

    Starting in the Fall of 2017, we have our pineapple hangers to invite each other in to share learning!

    ***When you plan Act 48 sessions for your peers, you are entitled to compensation as per the teacher contract.  Your willingness to shine as a teacher leader is appreciated and valued.