Welcome to the World of Life Science!

  • Welcome to the amazing world of Life and Investigative Sciences, which includes the courses of Biology, Forensic Science and Environmental Science, as well as the Inventionland course! The following pages will help provide direction and clarity for the coming school year!

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    Parents: With the 1:1 initiative that is prevalent in all grades at the Middle/High School, I will be using Google Classroom for the distribution of all classroom materials and communication. Please connect your account to Classroom in order to receive a weekly update from Classroom on your child's work and progress in the class. 


    Environmental Science students can find info the Environmental Science heading.


    Biology students may find materials at the Biology heading. 


    Inventionland students may find classroom materials at the Inventionland page. 


    Forensic Science students may find classroom materials at the Forensic Science page.