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    20-21 Guidance Freshman (gr9) Class of 2024

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    • Get a routine
    • Set alarm to get up, dressed and have breakfast at the same time as a regular in building school day...start your day as if going into the building
    • Have a specific work area where you have materials, etc
    • FIRST THING - Check in for attendance 
    • Follow the building bell schedule and individual class schedule.  Take a break for the 3-4 minutes in between classes and get up and walk around the house
    • Take breaks for lunch and scheduled study halls
    • Treat every school day as you would if in the building...Do not watch TV, go to work, attend social events and so on
    • Remember that since you are not physically in class, the video provided is your in class instruction.  You must view this before completing work.  
    • Communication with Teachers
    • Keep in close touch with teachers often - to ask questions, clarify assignments. Use email, google classroom, etc
    • Stick to deadlines and discuss any problems with teachers
    • Attend any and all google meets, zooms or other meetings with teachers
    • Follow the 20-20-20 rule:
    • Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away from your screen for 20 seconds
    • Reach out to counselor(s)
    • Contact your counselor for any concerns- academic or social/emotional
    • Arrange a live meeting/call with your counselor
    • Be proactive --- don’t wait if something comes up




    This page contains information from Freshmen Class Meetings as well as useful links.
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