• Building Technology

      Instructor: Laura Wells

      Contact Information:

      • Email: lwells@burgettstown.k12.pa.us
      • Period 3
      • Communication Platform: Email Phone or Google Classroom.

      Course Description: In this course, students will explore a variety of technology and learn to identify, apply and safely use a variety of tools, machines, materials, and techniques to solve problems.

      Fall Semester:  This semester focuses on woodworking technology and will advance students skill sets as they will be able to demonstrate safe use of complex tools and machines and utilize computer software to design solutions to specific problems and create projects that challenge them to troubleshoot and think analytically.

      Spring Semester: This semester focuses on construction technology and will involve students in designing, planning and applying all the necessary resources to successfully solve construction problems.  Topics covered will include home construction, drywall installation, finishing & repair, electrical systems and wiring all culminating in a final project to build a structure.

      Materials Required:

      • Google Classroom
      • Chromebook
      • Pencils, erasers, and pens

      Classroom Rules:

      When in my classroom, this is one rule that I expect all students can follow:

      Make choices that do not cause problems.

      • If you cause a problem, I will ask you to solve it.
      • If you cannot solve the problem, or choose not to, I will do something.
      • What I do will depend on the special person or situation.
      • If you feel something is unfair, communicate with me.

      Grading Policy:

      • Classwork: 30%
      • Participation: 20%
      • Quizzes: 10%
      • Projects: 40%

      Assessment and Evaluation:

      • Formative assessments will be taken throughout the semester to assess ongoing progress of projects.
      • Class participation reflects engagement and effort.
      • Projects will allow students to apply solutions and demonstrate skills.

      Class Policies:

      • It is expected that students will use their class time to complete assignments and put their best effort forward
      • Cell phones are extremely useful tools, but there is a time and a place for them, leave them away unless expressly permitted to use them.
      • While listening to music is therapeutic, students are asked to refrain from doing so without the express permission of the instructor.
      • Unless otherwise specified, only one student is permitted to leave the room at one time.
      • Late work may be accepted with a penalty; students must communicate if late work is submitted.
      • Respectful behavior is expected at all times, both in-person and during virtual sessions.

      Parent/Teacher Communication: I encourage open communication. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns via email, google classroom or Alma.

      Note: This syllabus is subject to change by the instructor.

Last Modified on February 16, 2024