Semester 2
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    Step 2: Internet Search
    Students will use the internet to research products similar to their own idea.
    Step 2: Company Search
    Students will research companies that they could potentially target to manufacture their creation.
    Step 3: Considerations
    Students will consider how the product will be viewed by their target company, retailers and consumers.
    Step 4: Design
    Students will create a design for the product.
    Step 5: Bringing it to Life
    Students will build a "concept model" to give them new ideas on how to improve their product.
    Step 6: Creating a Prototype
    Students will create a computer model of their product to be used to create 3D printed parts or precision laser cut parts.
    Step 7: Packaging Plan
    Students will decide how they plan to package their product and create a plan for the packaging design.
    Step 8: Communicating Your Idea
    Students will create the graphic design that will be displayed on their packaging to inform consumers of what the product is and encourage them to purchase their product.
Last Modified on April 28, 2022