2022-2023 ESALT Students :

2023-2024 Members: Delaney Slovick, Leah Listisen, Leia States, Brody Crabb, Harper Reddinger, Nora Fiola, Arah Nardone, Cameron Vergenes, and Maycie Sherwood

  • Responsibilities:

    •  Maintain a 3.0 grade point average
    •  Exhibit leadership qualities
    •  Be organized
    •  Use good judgment
    •  Be honest
    •  Raise and lower the flags  Flag Etiquette
    •  Collect attendance and lunch count
    •  Organize lost and found
    •  Organize recess equipment
    •  Deliver morning announcements
    •  Create posters for school functions
    •  Assist with school activities
    •  Clean the school grounds as part of the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful: Litter Free School Zone initative
    •  Help the M/HS Hope Club collect Boost Bag donations.

    Upcoming Events:

Last Modified on December 1, 2023