• Band Syllabus (Grades 6-12)

    All band members will have a full band class during the school day. Grade 6 meets during 7th period on BLUE days. Grades 7-12 meets during 9th period EVERY DAY. 6th grade students will also have lessons that rotate weekly in the morning and 6th period. In lessons and in full band classes, students will learn and develop executive skills on their instrument, ensemble performance skills, music theory, and improvisation. Students will be expected to perform within a variety of different styles using techniques appropriate for their grade level.


    • Performance repertoire
    • Lesson book
    • Instrument
    • Chromebook


    Students earn up to 3 points per day for in-class performance (75%). The remainder of the grade is based on performance in our various concerts held throughout the year.

Last Modified on February 16, 2024