• Class Schedule: Here is our daily class schedule to help you and your child stay organized:

      • Homeroom: 8:30-9
      • ELA: 9-9:50
      • Specials: 9:50-10:30
      • ELA: 10:30-11:30
      • Lunch: 11:30-12
      • ELA: 12-12:30
      • Interventions (Book Clubs): 12:30-1
      • Snack: 1-1:10
      • Math: 1:10-2:30
      • Recess: 2:30-2:50
      • Science/S.S.: 2:50-3:20
      • Dismissal: 3:20

      Grading Scale:

      90-100 A

      80-89 B

      70-79 C

      60-69 D

      59 Below F

      Curriculum Overview: Our curriculum focuses on fostering a love for learning, developing critical thinking skills, and building a strong foundation in core subjects. Throughout the year, we'll explore various themes, engage in hands-on activities, and work collaboratively to ensure a well-rounded education.

      Classroom Expectations: In our classroom, we value respect, kindness, and a positive learning environment. We will discuss and establish specific expectations together as a class, creating a space where every student feels safe and motivated to succeed.

      Homework and Assignments: Homework assignments will be given regularly to reinforce classroom learning. Please check your child's backpack and the homework folder for updates and important information.

      Classroom Resources: I will provide additional resources and recommended reading lists throughout the year to support your child's learning journey. Stay tuned for exciting updates and announcements!