• Activity #2:
    Making some samples.  Consider your content and grade level.  Where do you feel you could use a six word memoirs activity?  
    Classroom Ideas:
    It might be 
    as a character in your language arts work
    as a person in history from your social studies work
    as an inanimate object
    as a personal memoir as part of a getting to know you activity
    You might give them a sentence starter or questions and they have six words to respond/finish the sentence.
    What advice would you give a younger student?
    What is your greatest dream?
    I wonder if....
    Create examples of three different types of memoirs.  Please include imagery along with your text.  You may use any tool that you want, but PowerPoint might be an easy place to start.
    ***Please upload your memoirs to Google Drive and share them with me.  Thank you-Jacque