• Activity #4
    Now you are ready to create, view, grade, and return an assignment.  
    Create assignment:
    Select your class
    Click 'assignment' 
    Enter a title
    Select the due date (it is the next day by default)
    You can attach a file, Google Drive item, YouTube video, or a link by using the appropriate icon and clicking 'add'
    After you enter all the details, click 'assign' which will send this assignment to your students. 
    Student submissions page will show the status of the assignment.  To open all students' assignments at once, click on the 'folder' button to open the Google Drive folder where all the work is stored.  You view an individual student's work by clicking on the student's name and then the item.  
    To grade the assignment: 
    Click on 'no grade' which appears on the same line as the student's name
    Default value is 100, so use the drop-down menu to select the point value you wish to use
    ***Google Classroom only supports whole numbers.  You cannot use decimals or a letter grade.  
    Enter the grade the box then click the 'return' button.
    ***To change a grade:
    Click on the grade of the student whose grade you wish to change.
    Change the points.
    Click 'return'
    Click 'update'
    You can export grades to a CSV file by clicking the 'download' button at the top of the assignment page.  CSV files can be opened by MS Excel.