• Bienvenidos a Quizlet!
    This website is available to you as an educational resource to practice vocabulary.  In order to participate in the activities you need to follow the steps listed below, pay attention:
    2.  Click on Sign Up (upper right hand corner)
    3.  Follow the instructions to sign up.  
    *When creating your user name use your First_Last name, for example: Ricky_Delprato  -If your username is taken, create another name that is similar, ex. Ricky_Delprato1 or Ricky-Delprato, etc.
    *Use your burgettstown email address.  burgettstown username@burgettstown.k12.pa.us 
     4.  Once you have registered you will need to wait for me to invite you into the class.   
Last Modified on August 31, 2015