• Did you know that the story of Adam and Eve is an origin myth?


    Myth- A traditional story (usually involving supernatural or imaginary persons) that explains natural and social phenomena (happenings).

    (I.e. How humans came to exist on Earth.  Why humans experience pain and embarrassment.  How a giraffe came to have a long neck.)



    1.   A MYTH may explain: 

    a. Customs, beliefs, traditions, or social/religious rituals

    b. Natural phenomena (snake’s appearance, existence of pain, etc.)

    c.   Events beyond people’s control/beyond people’s explanation (why we age, why our hair grows, why people die, etc)


    2.   An ORIGIN myth WILL explain how humans came to exist on Earth (how people originated)

    •    A cosmogonic myth is a cetain type of origin myth that explains how the Earth came to exist. 


    3.   Native American Myths Typically:

    a. Include supernatural elements (gods, powers, talking animals, etc.)

    b. Explain how human life or something in nature came to exist on earth

    c.   Show a respect for nature